Alita Battle 2: What’s Going To Happen In This, Who’s In The Cast?

Alita Battle 2: What's Going To Happen In This
Alita Battle 2: What's Going To Happen In This, Who's In The Cast?

Alita Battle 2: What’s Going To Happen In This – Genres that are ruling Hollywood these days: Cyberpunk, Sci-fi, and Fantasy, and fans, again and again, will always go to watch the same concept. But Alita, the Battle Angel, was a different concept to the viewers based on warrior robots from mars who had emotions and feelings.

About Alita, Battle Angle people may have different opinions about the first movie. But no one can deny that it grabs the minds of the most dedicated fans. Disney has been tight-lipped about its plans for the live-action film “Gunnm.” But its supporters are doing some great things to show them.

James Cameron created the Alita Battle Angel. Which was an American Cyberpunkand James is also known For the best sci-fi and different film. He has a fantastic history for his movies, and this time also. He had the same and able to attract people to the theatre.

The first part of the movie was released in 2019. The first part of Alita Battle Angel did over the box office great business and fan following so that they will launch another part of the movie so soon.

What are we expecting in Alita Battle 2?

Alita Battle 2: What's Going To Happen In This

While the plot of the first movie was somehow completed in the end, no doubt left that Alita: Battle Angel 2 to make Alita’s Rosa Salazar narrative complete. The 2019 film ended was, of course, ended that it leaves a huge opening for producers to tie-in story.

The next adventures of Alita are not that difficult to assume, too, if “Alita: Battle Angel 2” made. The end of the first movie shows the earning of money as compared to Zalem, where the ultimate villain, Nova, was revealed.

Who will be part of this movie?

Alita Battle 2: What's Going To Happen In This

If we talk about the cast and other members in the Alita Battle 2, thenRosa Salazar’s name can’t be forgotten. Salazar played the role of Martian fighter robot Alita. For which she was appreciated and get many views by critics too.

Christoph Waltz may be returned in the Alita too, who was playing the role of Dr. Dyson. In the second part, some more stars can be seen in the movie.

What’s new can be seen in Alita Battle 2?

As at the end of the previous movie. We see Alita went into the back of her memory after losing her love interest. So we can expect this time that she will turn evil probably.


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