Amid Deadly Pandemic, Georgia Not Increasing Public-Health Spending

Georgia Not Funding Enough for Health Department

Seems Georgia is not spending a lot on the health sector, at least not how much it needed to be. The State Government is unwilling to increase the fund for public health and is very much disappointed at this pandemic time.

Though the party president and the other elected members are arguing their points the result is not that satisfactory in the end. Dr. Kathleen Toomey addressed the issue and said this is one of the most challenging times for Georgia to fight the pandemic.

She is also not asking for the state money or any other investment. It is the decade-old health program system in Georgia and the lawmaker gives the least importance to the health department of the country.

Georgia ignores the health department for decades now and there is merely and good amount signed in the state in these years. The pandemic hit the state harshly but the Government is not yet concerned and has not signed any major budget for the corona treatment for the state.

The Amount Government Has Passed So Far

Georgia is mostly dependent on federal cash more than state cash during the pandemic. Only a mare amount of slightly more than 1 Billion has spent throughout the pandemic from the Federal cash. And it did not only cover the treatment cost but the laboratory, testing, operations, and many other medical costs.

And the amount is really less for such a pandemic of COVID-19. More than 11,584 people have died in the pandemic and 720,000 people got affected by the virus in the due course. But the amount passed for the pandemic is not at all-sufficient.

Only $900,000 cash sanctioned for the health department and nothing released by the government in the due course of the pandemic. Only 1% cash of total fund proceeded by the government. Whereas they sanctioned more for other entertainment programs. Whereas the health department is lacking basic funding and facilities.

The funding should increase for the Georgia health department. And decade-old facilities should change at least at the pandemic time. Georgia leadership for many years now is ignorant of the public health of the state and if this continues the state will lack many facilities coming days.

Leadership Assured About the Federal Fund

Though the leadership argued on the matter by the name of the federal fund. But they did not comfortable with the source of federal money and how long that would able to fund the Georgia health department.

Toomey reasoned for the less funding of the state and talked about the challenging time. And she also assured to overcome it soon with collaboration and coordination.

Shiwangi Arya

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