B&H Dairy Robbed by Thieves on Tuesday Morning!

B&H Dairy Cum Restaurant

It seems like B&H dairy is having the most difficult time of their life in the coronavirus pandemic scenario. After facing months of ups and downs in their vintage old east Village restaurant, it went through another major loss on this Tuesday morning.

Reportedly, around 3 a.m. in the morning, a thief sneaked into their restaurant and made its way along with the cash register.  A few locals of the area first reported the case. The restaurant has been serving customers since 1938.

The Grief of the Owners 

The owners of the restaurant posted a photo on Facebook regarding the incident saying that they are really very sad of their cash register being stolen. Moreover, they even said sad there is only God who can help them now. The photo they shared on Facebook was of the restaurant’s front window, that contained a hole almost of the size of a fist.

Most probably, this was how the thief broke in and stole the cash register. A few moments later, the co-owner of the restaurant Ola Abdelwahed spotted the empty register in the corner of East Seventh Street. However, it can be assumed that the thief took all the money and destroyed the machine there. The total monetary loss as acknowledged by the restaurant owners accounted to $500.


B&H Dairy Robbed

B&H Dairy Robbed, Bowery Boogie

The Pandemic: A Bad Omen 

The pandemic situation just got bad, worse and then worst for the restaurant owners. Before the pandemic phase, the restaurant used to get attended by more than 200 customers on a daily basis. As the situation worsened in March, it went to zero customers a day.

Zero customers equaled zero income for the owners. This continued for two whole months. The restaurant opened up back again in May but the responses were not that good. Only 50 people a day used to visit. But the encouraging part is that the restaurant owners did not give up.

They always went through something or the other but did not lose hope. However, after the robbery incident, the restaurant opened up again at 11:30 am.

B&H Dairy Robbed

B&H Dairy Robbed , New York Magazine

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