Columbus Police Officer Once Fired for Dereliction of Duty is Reinstated after Additional Investigation

Police Officer Got Suspended Back to Duty

The Columbus police department witnessed a case of little complicated. Where a police officer was under investigation and observation since 2015. The police officer named Randall Mayhew accused of dereliction of duty. And engaged in sexual activities on duty. He got suspended in the very year and again reinstated in 2019.

The report says the police officer found guilty of having sexual relations with 3 prostitutes on duty. By doing this he disobeyed his duty and for the same reason, he got suspended also. He appealed through an attribute and for free from all the accusations in 2019. Mayhew got his job back in 2019 and about to rejoin the police as an officer in his previous post.

But on the very day, he was going to join another investigation put against him and the department sent him to paid administrative leave. And he could not join his duty that year for the same allegations of having sex with a prostitute on duty.

The Allegations on Him

One of the prostitutes alleged and confirmed that Mayhew had sex with her during his duty. And because of that the police officer could not join his office and dent back to a paid leave. But post 2 years the witnesses could not confirm the allegations on the police officer and the case finally withdrawn from him.

He is back to duty and the department reinstated him post all other crucial investigations. But nothing could prove he is guilty and thus the police department had to give his job back and let him join the office.


Columbus police confirmed that there was not enough evidence against him and also the witnesses are not enough. They had done all the necessary investigations and after all the procedure only they let Randall join the police department.

Mayhew Will Join Post Training

It was a long procedure and they followed all the rules and regulations for the case. A 7-year long case dismissed finally after a lot of investigation and examining the proofs and evidence. The department did not go soft with their officer and they investigate the case as same as any other case.

Chief Quinlan, chief of Columbus police said people had different expectations from the case but they had followed the rules of division and evidence only. A guilty is guilty for them whether it is someone from common people or a police officer.

Mayhew will not join the department till now and will send for training. He also needs to update his certificate and report everything to his department before joining again.

Shiwangi Arya

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