D.C Police Sent 850 Officers To The Capitol During Insurrection, Spent $8.8 Million During Week Of January 6!

Robert J Contee III: The Current Police Chief!

The District of Columbia police has sent almost 850 officers in the Mob attack which took place in the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. This adds to the fact that how much revenue had it cost?

The answer is $8.8 million. A total of $8.8 million was spent on the mob attack insurrection. This was done to secure the downtown admist the period of unbalance in U.S Capitol. Robert J Contee III describes January 6 as a “dark day for our country”.

The current Police Chief, Robert J. Contee III reports in the House Appropriate Committee on Tuesday . He addressed the intensity of situation, describing  un how it was the first time how a D.C Police Officer commits suicide while the riots were taking place. In his opening statement, he shows massive grief towards the suicide of police officer.


The acting Chief whole heartedly apologized and showed his grief towards lawmakers. The incident took place on Tuesday, while he offers a briefing for “failings” which made the attempt of rioters possible. This is also the reason why rioters added the U.S. Capitol for mob attack. He even says that, our department should be well prepared to face any future consequences relating the attack.

Furthermore, he wishes to increase the current $8.8 million cost and add more detailed financial account. According to him, this is going to be something where police officers will be engaged for years and continue with the investigation and insurgents.

Not only this, he makes the general public aware of the new challenges. Every citizens has to cope and deal with strict security and new threats of domestic terrorism.




Which Police Officer Committed Suicide?

Robert J. Contee III adds to it and reveals the name of police officer  who committed suicide in the speech. The officer is Jeffery Smith. He committed suicide on January 15, 2021. He was not the first one to take his own life, but the second one.

According to a spokesman, Jeffery Smith was a 12-year Veteran . He was allotted to provide his sincere service in the 2nd District, that is, the neighborhood of Georgetown, Chevy Chase and Cleveland Park.

The family of Jeffery Smith was informed about his attempt to suicide. However, the Post could not find Smith’s family till Tuesday evening.

Were there any other officers harmed in U.S Capitol Attack?

Many Police Officers were either bruised, attacked or even committed suicide. One of them is Howard Liebengood who died on January 9, 2021. Along with this, five other people died in the assault, including Brian D. sicknick.

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