Florida Offers to Fill In for Tokyo as 2021 Olympics Host

Florida Urge to Host Olympics

Like everything COVID-19 affecting the sports event as well. And it engulfed the most prestigious athletic event Olympics. The International Olympic is supposed to be the most important and most prestigious athletic event which takes place in an interval of 5 years.

It was supposed to take place in 2020 but shifted to 2021 for the ongoing pandemic. And Tokyo is the prime host for this event this year. According to reports Japan Government is concerned about the pandemic effect and is rethinking the decision of hosting the 2021 Olympics.

And in the meantime, Florida asked for permission to host the event in their place and it will be a great opportunity for Florida if they could host the event in their country. Patronis officially wrote later to the Olympic teams to give them the chance to host the Olympics if Japan is not sure to host the event.

Patronis Addressed a Latter to Olympics President

He addressed the latter to Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee, and urge for hosting the event in that country. He pitches Florida as a host for the 2021 Olympics and makes all the arrangements needed for the same.

The communication office of Florida released the latter in a press release and are very much wants to represent their country as a host of the grand event in spite of the pandemic. Patronis also mentioned the facilities like transportation. airport, accommodation, and medical facilities in his latter.

Patronis said he is a father of two children and he knows how people keep waiting for the Olympics. And more than anything athletes work hard for the event for years. They prepare themselves for the Olympics mentally and physically. Years of practice and dedication make them deserving to perform in the grand event.


And thus withdrawal from the Olympics won’t be justified for the hardworking athletes. He earnestly wants to host the event in the country and witness the most wanted event in 2021.

Tokyo is Determined to Host Olympics

On the other hand, Japan has said in a release that they are determined to host the Olympic 2021 and will make all the arrangements. There is no possibility of shifting the event to any other country and Tokyo is going to host the Olympic 2021.

Although Japan is concerned about the present pandemic situation they are also determined to host the Olympics. It is a great opportunity for any country to host the Olympics and they are very much willing to host the event.

Shiwangi Arya

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