Grounded Arachnophobia (Irrational Fear Of Spiders) Mode Lets You Turn Spiders Blobs

Grounded Arachnophobia (Irrational Fear Of Spiders)
Grounded Arachnophobia (Irrational Fear Of Spiders) Mode Lets You Turn Spiders Blobs

Grounded Arachnophobia – Obsidian knows that spiders make some people uncomfortable, So they added options to make grounded more accessible.

With Obsidian’s new Survival RPG now grounded in early access, we’ve seen the full width of the access option included in “Arachnophobia Mode”. Well, can spiders now be cute?

As you will see below, the Accessibility menu has a slider that lets you adjust your spiders’ appearance from harmless (-locked) little white blobs down to an eight-level nightmare.

Studio reveals information about settings:

Grounded Arachnophobia (Irrational Fear Of Spiders)

The studio revealed in April that there would be settings in Grounded Eranophobic players could use to make the game more accessible. But now we have the full picture.  On Xbox Wire, Obsidian Communications Director Mike Dowling detailed a study. Obsidian and Xbox said about how to give players the option to avoid specific triggers based on their comfort level with spiders.

During their study, fear and disgust increased in all of the respondent groups, as did the spider’s texture, eye count, and impact. The findings of Xbox Research helped determine the best form for spiders to take to the game, as well. He also decided how. Doubling wrote, “To change their appearance based on the severity of phobias.”

Alyssa of games Rader was able to spend some time with the game director!

Alyssa Mercante of Games Radar was able to spend some time with grounded director Adam Brennecke and learn about it. What it was like to mow the swamp standard suburban backyard into an exotic and dangerous survival playground.

See the full interview here. And here is an annoying quote from Brennecke on the game’s customizable spiders. We wanted ‘Frodo going to the Lab Feel of the Shlob’,” he said. “I think it’s super fun to play with.


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