Harry Potter’s Birthday Easy Ways To Celebrate

Harry Potter's Birthday Easy Ways To Celebrate
Harry Potter's Birthday Easy Ways To Celebrate

Harry Potter’s Birthday Easy Ways To Celebrate – Harry Potter’s birthday is July 31, but a coronavirus pandemic may occur at this year’s celebration. We got five ideas on how to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday at home, so grab your wizard gear and get ready to celebrate the boy who lived.

Turn on your favourite “Harry Potter” movie, do a film marathon or read from books at J.K. Rowing Series. You can also listen to celebrities including Daniel Radcliffe, Eddie Redmayne and Whoopi Goldberg read the chapter on “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” a new Wizard World Series.

Harry Potter's Birthday Easy Ways To Celebrate

Make a wizard recipe:

Treating a magician, whether he is re-creating Harry Potter’s Hagrid’s pink birthday cake or enjoying some jelly beans, Bertie dubs the seeds every taste of the bottle. A personal favourite is made with butter soda, butterscotch syrup, heavy cream and whipped cream on top. Insider has a compilation of 11 Harry Potter-inspired recipes ranging from pumpkin juice to chocolate frogs.

Create a magical world passport:

On the Wizarding World website, J. A replacement for. Rowling’s Potter more website. You can go to the sorting hat, search for your wand and even reveal it to your patron with a series of quizzes. To create your wizard profile, create an account or import your Potter more information.

Try your hand at a harry potter craft:

Put your Harry Potter craft together and let your creative juices flow. The Wizarding World has instructions on how to make many wizard crafts, from Cornish pixie jars to Weasley scarves. My family and I created Hogwarts house bookmarks at our virtual Harry Potter party.

Play a harry potter game:

Harry Potter's Birthday Easy Ways To Celebrate

Download the “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” or “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” app for a wizarding adventure. There are also plenty of online games, quizzes and other activities, for example, on the Wizarding World and Bloomsbury websites. You can also put together your set of Quidditch.

At a virtual Harry Potter party, I threw up with my family this week. We sorted a quiz, and I competed in the Kaht Trivia game and played “Draful 2” and “Quiplash 2” of Jack box games for customized Harry Potter.


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