Is Adele Dating Rapper SKEPTA? Rumours, Or Something Else

Is Adele Dating Rapper SKEPTA
Is Adele Dating Rapper SKEPTA? Rumours, Or Something Else

Is love in the air for Adele? Many fans have assumed that the celebrated artist has sparked a romance with rapper Skepta and are presenting what they claim is evidence to back up their relationship speculation.

Adele shared a pair of snaps of herself on Saturday, as she watched her 2016 Glastonbury Music Festival performance on TV in her living room. In one of the pics, the 15-time GRAMMY winner donned the same dark, long-sleeved gown. She wore at the concert four years earlier. Skepta elliptically wrote, Finally got your Instagram password. While fans were busy understanding what he wrote, it seems as if Adele got it and she responded with the wink emoji and a heart emoji that set the rumour mill on fire.

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Fans took to Twitter to address the latest development in their long rumoured romance -which began as far back as October 2019, and nearly everyone seemed to be on board with the idea of them dating. Some seemed almost overly excited about the possibility.

Here is what fans are responding 

Toph Bender:

What is going on this year, Adele and her bf Skepta flirting on Instagram?




Els X :

The chemistry of Adele and Skepta being a couple makes me so happy

〰️olf of Luwum Street

Already Can Adele and Skepta just announce the thing?

Meanwhile, other fans just liked the idea that the duo might be messing with fans for fun, or suggested that they could even be collaborating on a song :

Katherine Jones :

What we need in this show of a year, Adele and Skepta trolling.


A banger by @skepta and @adele would heal the world.

In the meantime, Skepta has been very open about his friendship with the singer in the past. During an interview with ES magazine in November 2016, the British rapper said, All the time Adele texts me and keeps me in check.

She speaks to me about all the things happening around. She is one of the people I know that, from her (example) alone, you can move in a certain way where you’re not inviting fame he said, explaining how Adele has helped him navigate the challenges of life in the media spotlight. She’s the most prominent artist in the world, you see her in the papers.

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