Lucifer Season 5: cliffhanger ending means for part 2 

Lucifer Season 5: Last season’s Cliffhanger saw Lucifer voluntarily returning to Hell to stop any more devils from escaping. Season 5 takes two months, where Season 4 was abandoned.     

A family drama with new characters:

Lucifer Season 5: cliffhanger ending means for part 2 

With more evil charm than before, season 5 is a family drama full of new characters and mysteries of the past. 

Lucifer is back from Hell and is meeting head to head with many, furthering his new relationship with Chloe. 

Twist in the film: 

The season gets a lot of twists, ending with a cliffhanger that genuinely sets the back of the season with style. Here’s what this might mean for the next batch of episodes. The eighth episode ends when Emenadil reclaims his powers, so that time slows down ultimately. It sets off a radical performance between Lucifer, Michael, and Emendial, and the wings are sealed.    

About the second half of season 5:

Lucifer Season 5: cliffhanger ending means for part 2 

The second half of season 5 will likely reveal more about God’s plans. His absence has certainly been felt throughout five seasons – this is about when the big man himself answered some questions directly for change.     

Something about the Season 5: 

Things get very dicey before they are separated by their long-absent father, the one and only God. Michael has only communicated with God for quite some time so that the skiing archangel may have been feeding God throughout this time.  

Seeing that Michael has been away from Silver City for some time, to mess with Lucifer, God noted his absence and himself came down to break up the fight. Season 5 finally introduces Michael, Lucifer’s younger twin brother, and God’s right-hand angel. Unlike Lucifer, who taps into people’s desires, Michael causes fear. 

Michael vanish his fear or not? 

In the season 5 finale, Michael vents his fear of Emenadil over Charlie’s mortality. As a half-angel, Emenadil does not think Charlie will die or feel pain like humans. Now that he knows he can, Michael uses that information to help Emenadil.

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