Lucifer Season 5 Tom Ellis tells about Twist after an unexpected stop In production

Lucifer Season 5 – Tom Ellis highly expected program “Lucifer” will roll out the first half of their fifth season on Netflix this month. While fans look so excited and the last of the program is nowhere near.

How much shooting left behind_ told Tom: 

In a present meeting, Tom Ellis told how much of shooting for the season finale’s left behind. It is much more than we have thought about it. The famous series has managed to garner a large number of viewers. The streaming agent Netflix before renewed the program for a fifth and sadly in the final season. However presently in June, the program got remake for another season, and this time the final season 6!

Lucifer season 5: how many episodes it consists of?

Lucifer Season 5 Tom Ellis tells about Twist after an unexpected stop In production

While the program normally has 10 episodes per season. They made a special case this time. Besides Netflix has a treat for Lucifer fans’ as they added six new episodes bringing the total to 16 originality filled episodes.

Ellis plays the lead role!

Lucifer Season 5-Ellis plays the lead role!

Ellis who plays the lead as the fallen angel in the program told that 60{8825723577572f393abe817dcbcf409ce4041047aab07511c6c03f6a9404e340} of the shooting still left. The program based on the DC comics had to end production because of the coronavirus pandemic. Before the lockdown shooting, the program seemed in full form.

Still, they had to sudden stop:

Still, they had to sudden stop once the pandemic and lockdown restrictions hit. The first half of season five will be opening on Netflix on the 21in month of august in the year 2020. But it seems like they still do not have a fixed date to restart the shooting of the second half. Ellis told that the cameras will begin rolling with all the necessary safety precautions and agreements The 41-year-old explained that shooting in such a state seems challenging.

What Tom told about shooting during pandemic seems challenging:

Tom added that because of the limitations everyone will have to take turns to fully their job. Apart from that, they would not be able to shoot as much as previously in a day. Ellis said that they have had to search a way to be both productive and safe at the same time. Of course since as Ellison says that movie sets have the continuous activity of people in small limited spaces.

About the brand new trailer:

The trailer for the first half of Lucifer season 5 is actually out! If you have not watched it till now you are missing out. Get ready for the session on these brand new episodes on 21 in August in the year 2020.

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