Money Heist Season 5 on Netflix, finally get back on its track and cast pictures revealed on social media

Money Heist Season 5 on Netflix – La Casa De Papel is a Spanish TV show. The la casa De Papel show is translated into the English show name “Money Heist”. It also overtook many of the popular shows too, initially, it was a typical Spanish TV show back in 2017.

Streaming rights for the show!

Netflix occupies the global streaming rights for the show. Just now, money heist season 4 released on Netflix. Spanish origin shows la casa De Papel coma has created a different level of a fanbase in English speaking countries. This show first comes in May 2017, and since the show is increasing its fame in every aspect.

This show is been shot at three different places.

Director of the show?

This show is created by a Spanish writer (Alex Pina). While Alex Pina was creating the show, and he never thought of being a successful hit on Netflix. The show is all about the game of paper or money. The show is not about some kind of bank robbery or loot, but it’s about producing your own money by hacking the royal mint of Spain in Madrid.

Just now, money heist 4 dropped out on Netflix. Almost a million has already watched it. Fans of Money Heist, are excited to know more about the next season.

Money heist season 5, it’s really coming or not?

Money Heist Season 5 on Netflix

As fans know that the show designated for four seasons only, the fifth season is highly unlikely for fans. The show has gained mass popularity (in millions).

Finally, it gets back on track:

As Producer Esther Martinez Lovato said: someone knows there will be, but not us. While last year ABC Spain said, the fifth season would take place and the pre-production is now under progress. Due to the pandemic, its production stops but now it finally gets on its right track.

The new villain of the show:


There will be additions to the final season of the series, along with the original Money Heist group. The show’s producers Plex Pina, Miguel Silngel Silvestre are about to join the gang as the new villains.

Cast: weather case would be the same or else new faces will be seen?


We don’t have any information about the members, S production house said the 4th season would be the last of the show. We have to wait for the approval of members. If we talk about the cast, who appeared in the last season can be seen in season 5.

Now finally cast are members of the show pics are revealed on social media. Alvora Morte as the mastermind of the heist or professor. URSULA Corbero, Itziar Ituno, Pedro Alonso may also make a return to the show “Money Heist ” season 5.

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