Nashville Explosion: Damage to the Local Store Owners

A Horrific Year 

The year 2020 was really a tough one, especially for the people of Nashville. It is true that the whole world was impacted due to Coronavirus last year, but businesses at Nashville went through a lot too. The year was full of ups and downs. At first, a tornado hit Nashville in the month of March. Great amount of damage was caused due to the tornado. Shops, stores and local businesses were ripped off in a large number. Following the tornado incident, was the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nashville Bomb Blast

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This pandemic was the major point of threat and damage to the people out there. Everything had to shut down because of the lockdown that was imposed. And everything remained close for months and months. Shop owners, businessmen and a lo of employed people went through immense crisis. After all this when everything was seeming to be full of joy during Christmas, Nashville faced an RV explosion. Stores that were near the explosion area were ruined. Everything was burnt to ashes and a huge loss was faced by the owners.

Grief of Shop Owners 

Peter Gibson, a tattoo store owner in the Nashville area was one of the businessmen who lost their store in the explosion. He said that he was not able to get to his store that morning when the blast took place. The explosion occurred on 6:30 am that morning. Shortly after the explosion, images and videos of the area went viral all over the internet and media. Gibson was shocked and utterly sad to see his Pride and Glory tattoo too getting burnt to ashes.

Local Shop Owners

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He was devastated and heart broken after he heard this news. Just like Gibson, many more shop owners went through the same pain and destruction. Sandy Lee, a boutique owner in the same area said that she felt knocked down after hearing the news. Her shop too got destroyed in the explosion. The damage caused is really huge. Some of the shop owners said that they don’t even know if they would be able to rebuild everything all over again.

Mayor’s Empathy 

John Cooper, the Mayor of Nashville estimated that almost 41 shops have been wrecked in the explosion. However, the total area of damage was not estimated properly as the law enforcement had blocked the active crime scene area. Owners of various shops were allowed to go and examine their stores in the explosion area. Contractors too were let in by the Nashville Police Department.

John Cooper sworn in as Nashville mayor

John Cooper also said that he is standing by the side of shop owners and everybody who faced damage due to the explosion. Nashville went through a lot in the year 2020. One havoc after the other. First the tornado, then COVID-19 and then the explosion. The culprit of the explosion, Anthony Warner was taken into custody a few days back by the cops. According to the sources, he was planning for the explosion since a year. His girlfriend was the one who informed the cops about his planning and plotting.

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