New Jersey Community Raises Thousands For Postal Workers Who Lost Twin Sister, Mom To COVID-19 Within 2 Weeks!

It is one of the saddest things which affected the whole world together, coronavirus Pandemic. Everyone around had raised their hope with a new year’s arrival to cure coronavirus with the vaccine. Irrespective of the creation of vaccine. The loss of losing a family member due to COVID-19 is irreplaceable.

What Happened with Nancy Hubbard?

Nancy Hubbard is a Postal Service worker in New Jersey. She is a hard working and diligent worker who is always up with a smile . The postal service assigned to her is in Ridgewood and GlenRock.

In the shot span of one month, she has witnessed the loss of two members of her family. The resultant of death was proven to be COVID-19 when she lost her twin sisters.

The tragic loss of the first one named Penny occurred on January 23. Soon after that her mother, Carolyn also was prone to the virus.

How Did Nancy Hubbard Used Social Media To Win Over Community? 

Many of her knowns got to know about the loss of her loved ones through social media page. She posted about the tragic loss due to coronavirus on Facebook and realised she is not the only one. One cannot just escape reality and believe illusionary normality with the upcoming of Corona Vaccine.

Later on, it was everywhere on social media where more and more people were becoming aware of the current crisis.  It was like Nancy Hubbard terribly wanted to give her best in order to help. However, within no time she was successful in it and the response was welcomed on an unexpected scale.

The community raised around $6,000 in cash and kind to help Hubbard and her family. She was able to recover from the losses and expenses which were piled up and making her enter a debt trap. The overwhelming response of community was so freshening that many of the people from different parts sent gift cards for Nancy Hubbard.

How Did She Expressed Her Gratitude Towards the Humanity?

As the word was spread through social media, Nancy Hubbard used the same platform to thank each of her well wisher. She says, “We’re just so happy that we could help her during this really difficult time and show her what an asset she is to our community”, Schept said.

She adds to her message about how it is so essential to wear mask and use all the social distancing mechanisms in order to be safe.

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