Publix Opens up More Vaccine Appointments in Georgia This Week

Georgia is Up With Their Vaccination Drive

Vaccination is going on in Georgia in full swing. In the state, Publix just released a new round and they are making people aware to make the appointment ASAP. Because only the people with proper appointment can take the vaccine on their provided schedule.

A website has made for the service to make it available and convenient for the people to get their appointment. Only the eligible customer can book their appointments from 6 am and will get the schedule for vaccination accordingly.

Also, the appointment for the 2nd dose will be fixed automatically on the website. Which makes it more convenient for the people who are going to take the vaccine for COVID-19. But due to high demand and heavy traffic on the website, some are facing issues as well while logging in and asking for appointments.

Some Finding it Confusing and Stressful

This is a bit confusing and stressful for many because the vaccination graph is visible on the website. It shows how many doses are left and how much time it will take to finish. A citizen of Georgia shares his experience on the website when he was confirming his appointment for the vaccination.

The citizen named Pat Mellet said the website literally got frozen at a time and it took time to get started with again. He also said that the health department website shows the number of vaccines that remained and it gets lesser with time. It was painful to watch the vaccines got down with every passing second and by 7.15 it was finished already.

Due to the high demand, the vaccines are getting finished very quickly. And this somewhat raising tension among the citizen of Georgia. But Jared Glover with Publix Supermarkets assured the citizen of the state about the vaccination.

Assurance from the Governing People

They said they are in talks with the health department and soon will get more vaccines for the vaccination process to continue without any delay. Glover informed that they received 30,000 doses till now and successfully operating the vaccination till now. The vaccines are completely free of cost and everyone will get them at their scheduled time.

Now the vaccines are available to the people who are in phase 1A. This includes the senior citizen of 65 years old and above, health workers, and long-term care facilities, staff. The other will get the vaccine eventually.

Insurance card to be brought by the citizen having health insurance is mandatory and health workers need to present their red, white, and blue Medicare card part-B.

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