Sacramento County Could Move Forward on Main Jail expansion

Sacramento County Jail to be Expanded

Sacramento County is all set to expand its jail facility. The Sacramento main jail is lacking some facilities for many days now. And the renewing project is also under the supervision and under processing.

Finally, they may get the approval for starting with the work of the main jail expansion soon this January. The Kitchell/CEM, Inc would soon take overcharge of $10 million for completing the design and the construction. This will include the management as well.

The expansion will regulate the jail health facilities and other facilities that the Sacramento County jail for many days. Correctional health and mental health are the main focus here. They might not expand the staying facilities that much and the facilities will be the main moto of the expansion.

The Facilities to be Included

Sacramento County jail HIPPA and the ADA are lacking mental and correctional health facilities. There is a space issue in the main jail also it making things complicated for the operational purpose.

This project is one of the important and most needed projects for the Sacramento County jail. There were genuine space issues in the jail for which the social distancing protocol is also getting difficult to maintain.


The present space is not enough for the expansion and thus they will take an area to make the expansion enough and fulfilled with all the facilities. The Board of Supervisors synopsis said that they are enquiring about the project closely and they will soon come up with a definite plan and program.

They will also ensure social distancing by taking enough area for the new expansion of the jail. There will be a lot of new services with a view to give the residents a healthy environment. There will be a clinic with more medical facilities ensuring mental health.

The Project is Must Needed

Sacramento County jail won’t expand the bed capacity, rather will take care of the better medical facilities. The Sacramento main jail is focusing on the positive outcomes with a great result of the upcoming expansion of the jail.

The project assigned to Nacht and Lewis Architects Inc. and Kitchel is there to help them with the construction and management program. They are going to vote for the same on January 26. And post that the construction process is going to start full-pledged.

COVID-19 took a toll on the mental health of people. And thus preparing the environment for the betterment of mental health is a must step to be taken and it is high time.

Shiwangi Arya

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