Young Girls from Minnesota Killed in a Car Accident

The Tragic Accident

Saturday reported a very tragic accident case in Minneapolis. Two young girls and claimed as best friends, died in a car accident over this weekend. Kyra Winslow and Molly Young were said to be best friends since they were in high school.

Both the girls are claimed to be of twenty years of age. Authorities said that the girls’ vehicle went off 1094 in Wisconsin, which is near about a few kilometers away from the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire where the young girls were students.

2 Young Girls Die In A Car Accident In Wisconsin

ABC7 News

The accident took place while the young girls were on their way to Molly Young’s apartment. Police said that their car slid into a ditch and then smashed against a tree. Both the girls’ friends and family expressed their grief over their demise.

However, their friends said that everyone liked them a lot. Especially Kyra Winslow was everybody’s favorite. All wanted to be like her . Molly too was loved and praised by all.

Grief of the Families  

Families are shattered and not able to express their sadness. Molly Young’s parents said that she brightened each and every room that she entered. She was a happy go lucky girl who was quick witted in every response.

Moreover, they also said that they have no words to tell how much they love Molly and how badly she is going to be missed by her parents.

Molly Young And Kyra Winslow

CBS Minnesota

Kyra Winslow’s parents said that both the girls were amazing as human beings and they enjoyed their lives to the fullest. Anyone who was around them, ultimately became happy. Her father also gave a little advice to everyone that if they love anybody, one must tell them how important they are in their life.

Because you never know what turn life will take at any moment. Also live everyday of your life to the fullest so that you don’t leave any regrets before you make your way to heaven.

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